जालन्यात पत्रकारावर जीवघेणा हल्ला


जालना येथील मत्सोदरी दैनिकाचे प्रतिनिधी अच्युत दगडोजी मोरे यांच्यावर काही गावगुंडांनी लाठ्या,काठया आणि लोखंडी गजांनी हल्ला केला आहे.या हल्ल्यात मोरे गंभीर जखमी झाले असून त्यांच्या एका हातालाही फॅक्चर झाले आहे.त्यांच्यावर जालना येथील एका खासगी रूग्णालायात उपचार कऱण्यात येत आहेत.

अच्युत मोरे आपले काम आटोपून गावी जात असताना रानगर (कारखाना) येथे त्यांच्यावर हा भ्याड हल्ला केला गेला.या हल्ल्यात त्यांच्या समवेत असलेले आनंद म्हस्के आणि प्रेमानंद मगरे हे देखील जखमी झाले आहे.बातमीच्या रागातून आणि पत्रकाराला अद्यल घडवायचीच या इर्षेतून हा हल्ला झाला आहे या हल्ल्याबद्दल जालना जिल्हयातील पत्रकारांमध्ये संतापाची भावना आहे.जालना जिल्हा मराठी पत्रकार संघाने या हल्ल्याचा निषेध केला असून पत्रकार संघाच्या एका शिष्टमंडळाने जिल्हा पोलीस अधीक्षक माकणीकर यांची भेट घेऊन गुंडांवर कारवाई कऱण्याची मागणी केली आहे. –


  1. Sir,

    It is not our culture to attack on any person without any reason. But due to low mentality, it is now being oftenly happened. Journalist is a powerful person when he keeps all facts honestly and sincerely before the society. But some anti-social elements are trying such persons to keep away from the society due to their vested interests.

    It is very true fact that the Politicians and the Bureaucrats both have deteriorated the atmosphere across the country. Because they do not have any responsible duties. To duty, they treat it – though they are fully paid for that – as a routine work, not an entrusted one. Now these two modern Varnas are taking all national, social, economical decisions without concurrence of people. Now we should realize that mere right to vote is not be a part of democratic process.

    So & therefore now it is dire need of time to assign some noticeable and visible duties to politicians. Because they also receive a lots of facilities that a common person hardly gets. Also a politician should appoint or assign for one post only because they become active extra eager on various posts showing so much interest without any reason. However there are so many persons are present in political party to whom other activities can be conferred or their services may be utilised.

    I think these two categories who are in power, should have some discipline and sincere duties.

    If so happened, number of problems would be resolved automatically.

    K C Jalgaonkar.


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