ऋुषींच्या उलट्या बोंबा..


ऋुषी कपूर आणि रणधीर कपूर यांनी गणेशोत्सवात पत्रकारांना मारहाण केल्याचा व्हिडीओ व्हायरल झाल्यानंतर आणि पत्रकार हल्ला विरोधी कृती समितीसह अनेक पत्रकार संघटनांनी त्याचा निषेध केल्यानंतर रणधीर कपूर यांनी मारहाण केल्याचा इन्कार केला असला तरी कपुरांची अरेरावी संपलेली नाही.मिडियाने आपली बदनामी केल्याचं सांगत त्यांनी मिडियालाच आरोपीच्या पिंजर्‍यात उभं करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे.ऋुषी कपूर काय म्हणाले ते बघा –

Rishi said, “For those saying I slapped the guy, show me the footage. Why cut the shots? Show the entire video. You cannot shove the cameras in our face while we are trying to make our way through the large crowds, chaos and incessant rains. I am thankful to our fans for showing allegiance to our Ganpati and RK’s tradition for all these years. However, certain TV channels show no restraint. Also, everyone has a camera phone these days. The Ganpati idol needs to go along and if you stay stationary in front of us, how do we move ahead? We gave time to the press for pictures before the procession began. Those claiming we invited the media and then misbehaved should know that we don’t have a publicist, and we didn’t invite anyone. We don’t need this kind of publicity.”Talking about the claims that he raised his hand on the reporter, the actor added, “Jaise police logon ko danda dikhati hai, maarti nahin, just to keep them in check, I too tried to give them hool (signalled them to move forward). I didn’t hit anybody. It’s sad that we are being condemned.”

 RK senior was outraged that his son Ranbir, who was part of the procession was also dragged into this controversy. He said, “I may be the tyrant in the family, but how can they blame the boy? He had nothing to do with it.” He concluded, “I am saddened. Jaise RK Holi bandh ho gayi, if this continues, we may have to rethink about having our Ganesh procession as well.”


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