“Goodbye CNN-IBN. God bless!”


सीएनएन-आयबीएनच्या डेप्युटी एडिटर आणि संपादक राजदीप सरदेसाई यांच्या पत्नी सागरिका घोष यांनी सीएनएन आयबीएनला गुडबाय केलाय.काल रात्री टिव्टकरून त्यांनी आपला हा निणर्य जगाला कळविला आहे.एका महिन्यापासून सागरिका घोष रजेवर गेलेल्या होत्या.गेली ९ वषेर् त्या सीएनएन आयबीएनमध्ये होत्या.सागरिका घोष आता हेडलाईन टु़डे जाॅईन करू शकतात अशी चचार् आहे.राजदीप सरदेसाई देखील सागरिकाच्या पावलावर पाऊल ठेवत लवकरच राजीनामा देतील अशी शक्यता आहे.सागरिका घोष यांनी आपल्या सहकाऱ्यांना पाठविलेल्या संदेशात म्हटले आहे की,

‘I was leaving to try my hand at something a little more challenging and creative, explore new vistas in reportage and commentary after almost a quarter of a century in journalism, among them 9 fabulous years at CNN-IBN. CNN-IBN has not only been an integral part of my life for almost every waking minute these past years, but more important, working with you has been a joy and an honour. At CNNIBN, an incredible team of professionals brought total commitment and integrity to reporting the news. We put journalism first and because of that we became a trusted and much loved brand. A free fearless press is the infrastructure of democracy–without it the term “citizenship” is diminished indeed. CNNIBN was always free and responsible! That’s why it became such an incredible success, so beloved of viewers. We created magic and that magic touched millions of lives, and the magic will remain with each of us always! The words of John Tusa, the venerable former director general of BBC World Service come to me: “Journalists cannot become the outriders of authority…but the freedom we have is the freedom to be responsible. Good bye is an unhappy word. I prefer au revoir..until we meet again.’

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